2 major complaints

I have been playing Forza for most of its life on the Xbox. And I love this game, I like to play for hours. However, there are 2 issues that I can’t over look.
The first is the aggressive NPC, they like to clip you and run you into the wall. Now I understand that this is part of racing but it is horrible when you pass it happens damn near every time. It is a bit excessive. This takes the fun out of game.
Second, I don’t like the fact that you cannot upgrade you cars. You give the specs and we have to live it. We are not allowed to put certain things on, like race tires or better brakes. Instead we have to drive cars that are hard to handle. It can be fun at times but not all the time.
I know that this won’t change anything but I am just putting this out there to see who all agrees with me.


Don’t understand your upgrade comment? For example I can put racing tyres on the Bugatti (not that that makes any useful sense) but it will take the car into a difference performance class. If the issue is the homologation rules. that’s the whole point of them - to provide a set of upper limits to equalise competitors; most real world racing series have rules you have to comply with,

Give us an example of which rule combo you don’t like and maybe folks can help you find upgrades that meet the rule and make that car perform even better.


Like to “clip” is an understatement lol. They will ram you with full force even if you stick to your side of the track and leave ample space for the bots to pass on the sides. They drive on rails, literally. They will smash into you and keep driving like nothing happened (the worst part is that they don’t even lose one bit of speed or traction when they do this, it’s unreal), and just go straight even if it means flipping your car by 180 degrees. I only played fm6 and 7 but even fh3’s AI is way smarter and cleaner than motorsport’s.
Then there are times when they work together to bring you down. Unbelievable? It happened to me several times. For example, if you closely follow a car, that car will sometimes hit the brakes for no purpose other than to stop you. Said car can have literally no other cars in front of it and still have 300+ metres till the next corner, but if it means ruining your race, the bot will even sacrifice itself. One of those times, a second bot car pulled up to my right when this happened. Was a straight road, grass on my left, car in front, car on my right. Now the one in the front slams the brakes and I can’t even move away.
I have another, even more insane story. Fortunately, this one only happened once. Was doing a race in Yas Marina full circuit. I was approaching the 3rd or 4th last corner, several other bots near me. It was a left hairpin with a solid wall on the inside, which means the no shortcuts. I was quitely and smoothly going along, not speeding, not hitting anyone, but going at the same speed as the bots in front of me. Heck I was completely minding my business and in my own lane when on comes a crazy bot trying to overtake me FROM THE LEFT, THROUGH THE GRASS. This bot has some 15 metres left till it collides with the wall ahead but it still ploughs through the grass and somehow has more traction than me, who was driving on the track. This bot comes right up to my front left (you could say 10 o’clock) and actually rams me off my lane, taking my place on the track and sending me into another bot that was on my right. To top it off, the one that I crashed into did not stop either. Kept going like nothing mattered and I was the only one sitting outside, turned around and come to a full stop.

Obviously there are some cars that simply don’t have a lot of upgrade options. For example, that porsche 911(?) that came with the “forza monthly” decal on it does not have any brake upgrade options. Which is irritating because A and S class cars’ stock brakes are terrible. You are forced to drive around a race track with brakes meant for public roads lmao.
This is what OP is talking about.

That Forza Monthly 911 just has a locked setup tune which you can just remove if you wish; that’s no different than if you download a tune that someone else has created and shared. I agree tune sharing was much better with FM4, where you could share an unlocked tune with other specific players if you wanted to.

Ref race brakes - lack of a race brake upgrade really only means that car is already fitted with the brake option that allows you adjust pressure and bias - look at the text when you go into tuning mode for the brakes and you’ll even see the help text has the words “Race Brake” already showing in that area.