0 CR rewards for no clean lap races, to improve/promote clean racing

An idea I’ve just had playing current ghost league: 0 credit rewards if you are unable to complete at least one clean lap.

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I’m all for clean racing but I disagree, you can race fair and still not get a clean lap. Drafting, Being drafted, someone touching you, avoiding accidents, issue in previous lap, being pushed offline, silly track limits (e.g VIR) … the mechanic is meant to validate lap times only and not ideal for enforcement purposes.

Imo FM will have updated FRR implemented with leagues, this will have a powerful effect as league points are based on final finishing position after penalties are accounted for. Hopefully there is some sort of sportsmanship component that affects rank/matchmaking. This combination I think would Bias racing clean over just being fast, so in theory an average but very clean player, would out score a very fast but dirty player…. fine by me.

Also, I think big factor in promoting clean racing, or making system as per above work is to increase race length to atleast double that of FM7. I think a “Bansai” sprint race mentally that encourages players to try overtake the whole field on first lap to counter productive to the goal of clean racing. Imo if you want to promote and enforce clean racing you must create environment that allows patient planned overtakes.

Actual practice & qualifying would also help, as previous mentioned flaws in “clean lap” system can result in fast guys trying to push through from the back, and practice will allow players to familiarize themselves with the track, their setup, relative pace (we need sector times!) and time develop a strategy rather than just being thrown in.

Other ideas i’ll throw out there … what about spacing grid positions more, or even rolling starts for some tracks? … Nice clear braking markers?.. along with proper qualifying may help with usual Turn 1 Mayhem.

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I have a great idea on how to get rid of rammers.

All online players get a race license. It starts with 0 points on them.
Every time you ram someone of track(or hard enough that they spin) you gain 1 point.

The idea is that you going to race with people that are in the same point group as you.
Lets stay 0-10

Every clean race (no ramming) will lose a point.
(if not than after a while even the cleanest racer will gain 100points.)
This also gives a rammer a change to better his live.

Of course a little bump in the back of the car in front of you doesn’t count as a ram.

So part of the issue with people ramming each other is that most people playing don’t know the ethics of racing.

So… I think both motorsport and horizon need a forced tutorial that teaches players proper racing etiquette.

This won’t stop the trolls and jerks but those people usually leave after a while although gamepass has changed that dynamic.

At least if people were taught the proper way to do things then open lobby races would be much higher quality. There will always be bad apples but teaching the people who really want to play will help quite a bit.

I’d say the majority of people don’t know a thing about racing or the etiquette of racing and they NEED to be taught from moment one.

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There are many schools of thought on what is “proper” and what is not. Bump drafting is a time honored technique in NASCAR that would get you a lifetime ban in Formula 1. Also, certain cars are more agile than others and are going to be used differently. I tend to race in Class D in Forza mostly because you have to choose how to build your car within the class. You can have acceleration, speed, or handling, usually not all three. This alters how and when I would attempt a pass. If I’m driving something small and light that has good grip I might attempt a late brake inside line on a corner to pass an opponent. If I’m driving a high horsepower low grip build I would focus on an early brake with an early apex to utilize the most power after the corner and to pass on straights.

And another point is that some players online will blow a gasket at the slightest offense (actual or perceived) while others are more forgiving. There are almost as many “good players” online that will exact a pound of vengeance from a small offense even if it was an accident. I can’t count how many times I would be accused of corner cutting because I used the entirety of the “clean lap” portion of the track or my wheels would clip curbs on apexes and then some players would go out of their way to ensure I lose on the next lap or race. I don’t want to start an argument about “you can’t cut that deep on the Indy infield first corner IRL” just stating that I try to race clean but if someone wants to find a reason to go offensive they will.

I’m all for a licensing system but there is not a one size fits all approach to proper racing technique. Blocking, blatant corner cutting and hard contact are fairly easy to distinguish from clean racing but teaching a player how to pass in a Mazda Miata on a licensing test is not going to translate to a high horsepower build. I think what would help most is if players apologize for accidents over microphones and other players give them tips on how not to repeat their mistake.

Players who cheat to win are good enough to pass a licensing test and players who ram for fun will not learn much from training. The community that plays the game can be a better foundation for building a more competitive and clean player base. I doubt that will happen but one can dream.


Even if they gave a tutorial with explanations, it won’t really help anyone. Heck look at the bots. The worst drivers in the game are the bots. Their ramming skill surpasses that of any griefer you’ll see online. It doesn’t matter what setting you use, bots are impossibly bad. I could write a whole essay on how horrible the bots drive but just writing it down brings back rage inducing memories.
People learn playing offline, and with this kind of toxicity coming from the bots themselves, the new players would have to constantly play online only(or alone without bots) to learn anything.

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Sick of rammers, and people being rewarded for dirty racing, cutting corners. Can anything be done?

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Find a private league.

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Relative to single player I think the game should reward clean racing a lot more.
I have faint memories of a Racing Sim where damage incurred in the race was actually deducted from your winnings and I thought it was really neat.
I know most casual players hate this sort of thing so you can’t balance game progression around not taking damage, but in general I think playing with Simulation Damage should be a much higher risk/reward scenario.
More specifically, playing with the combination of “Rewind Off” and “Simulation Damage On” should give a massive reward multiplier, and maybe increase the reward ratio relative to race length and car speed, so running Hypercars around LeMans would be one of the most rewarding things you can do in the game.


Yes! There needs to be something done about this! I can’t even race the right way, I give space, I don’t push off the track or try not to. But Every race I have had online it’s like I m playing with massive speed cheats and kids. They just wreck people constantly and don’t care one bit about the Penalty!! Where is the F1 style rules. Drive throughs, surrendereing the spot back. Or even DQ for unsafe driving! The online racing is something that I enjoy. But not when I can’t finish a race because someone ran a corner just to smash me off the track to take 8th place.