Zender Bodykits

Zender is a European Bodykit and Performance/Tuning Shop that has been producing Bodykits and Performance components for cars since the 1970’s.

Zender Website: Automotive | Zender Industrial Solutions

This Topic though is primarily focused on the Bodykits and other Aesthetic Components as they’re the most interesting and distinctive to me.

I’m splitting this into 2 with me Discussing the Modern Zender here and then a reply focused on the older Zender Cars.

Modern Zender

With the Italian Update returning a lot of cars to the game I feel Zender would be a perfect complement to spice them up with something new over previous entries.

A lot of these cars basically have no other bodykit options ingame, save for the Alfa Romeo 4C which has some slight OEM Changes with the Front Brake Ducts and two Rear Wings.

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

Zender has a very interesting bodykit for this car which changes the Aesthetics quite a lot. This is one of my favourite versions of any Aftermarket Kit available and I think it gives the car quite a nice aggressive look to it without being needlessly edgy and over-the-top.

The real car has some underlying Performance Modifications but those are of no consequence to this Suggestion.

Two articles discussing this particular project:

2017 Abarth 124 Spider

This is another car that recently returned but has no visual modifications available outside of Forza Aero, I really like the car itself and I feel it would massively benefit from having some new bodykit options to make it stand out a bit more. Again it’s a more aggressive and sporty look for the car without being too excessive.

This particular car has also been modified with performance upgrades and renamed to the “124 Corsa Stradale” by Zender but again I don’t feel an entirely new car is necessary.



2016 Abarth 695 Biposto

This Bodykit is originally designed for the normal Abarth 500 and the real car has received some slight performance upgrades and called the “Abarth 500 Corsa Stradale” by Zender.

As we do not have the base 500 version of the car ingame the next best thing is the 695 which is essentially just a special factory modified version of it anyways.

This one is a bit more tame than the previous two cars but I think it looks really good nonetheless and can offer a more distinctive style to the car if a player desires.

Two articles discussing this particular project:

Classic Zender Bodykits

When Zender originally started they were primarily interested in German Cars as those were getting to a stage where they had impressive performance from standard and a modification scene around them was growing rapidly.

Some of these kits are very rare nowadays unfortunately and even finding photos of some of them is difficult.

One such example is a Zender Bodykit for the MK1 Golf (the 1983 Golf GTI ingame) which I unfortunately could not find a complete picture showing the full kit for. Some images were just of pieces while others were kits from other brands that were mislabled.

These are some that I have been able to find though.

1973 BMW 2002 Turbo

There are two versions of this car, primarily with differing Taillights in terms of appearance, but Zender made a bodykit that fit both.

The older 2002 with round Taillights

The facelifted one we have ingame with square Taillights

1995 BMW M5

This one ingame has a Reiger Bodykit available but having the Zender Kit available as well would at some extra variety.

images (29)

1997 BMW M3

This Car has a lot of Kits available available already so it wouldn’t be the best candidate for a kit at the expense of others but more options are always nice.

1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S

This is quite an extensive bodykit that would provide a large visual change to the Scirocco if a player so desires.

1992 Volkswagen Golf GTI 16v MK2

The version pictured is slightly different to the one ingame but it could potentially be adapted to fit.

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