You can delete blueprints!

Hello, I’ve seen many threads asking how to delete blueprints, saying it can’t be done. I just deleted mine because they were glitched…

Go to the starting location of the event, like you would go to enter the event.

Choose solo race.

Choose “create blueprint” on the left.

Choose a car type (I chose “anything goes”)

Choose “route select” in the top right.

It shows a list of routes you’ve laid out. You can delete each route and all races you’ve created that are associated with that route.


Could you define what you mean by “they were glitched”?

@imperf3kt your advice is imperfect.

That’s the way I do it too. When you delete the route it deletes all the events associated to it.

After five at a site you can save over. It only ever shares the last event you raced to completion, so no real reason to go through the effort.