(XBOX) Survival of the Fastest Achievement

I completed the race the other day and the achievement didn’t pop. I have tried all the standard stuff like power cycling the console and removing and adding my account to my console.
My console wasn’t offline because I streamed the entire race Twitch.
Has this happened to anyone else or can anyone tell me if I did something wrong? 3 hours wasted and will have to do it again to try and get the achievement but wanted to see if it was just me having problems before i attempted it again.

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Me too :frowning:

Dang really sorry to hear about that I just did it and I got the achievement but my two fifty achievement is still locked and ive hit well over 250mph multiple times now

Had the same issue. Did you attempt again in the end? Did it ping that time. Will re-do if I have to but last thing I want to do is race it all over again and not have it ping.


No, haven’t attempted it again yet. Waiting too see if its a known issue. Will try in a week or 2 and I will post my results here :slight_smile: