XBOX ONE FH4 Lake Lodge Player house now unavailable VIP


Having been awarded Lake Lodge player house through VIP, it has now become unavailable for me.
I ‘moved in’ after visiting the house. After further gameplay, I then bought Sunflower Meadows and moved in.
Since then, Lake Lodge is no longer showing as ‘owned’ on the map.
If I try to purchase again through VIP it just takes me to the Microsoft Store.
The option to buy the house for £5m is there, but obviously I don’t want to do that.
Support would be appreciated.


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This is now fixed.
Was eventually able to re-purchase through VIP.

This is now fixed.
Was eventually able to re purchase through VIP

How did you re-purchase the house because mine is gone too…

Just logged in to find I no longer have lake lodge purchased. How do you own it again? I seem to only be able to purchase it for the $5mill

I’m curious about what happens if we buy the Lake Lodge first and then at some point in the future get the VIP pass? Does nothing happen or do we get 5mill deposited instead? Because I don’t have VIP and I’m thinking about getting it and I won’t be able to get VIP for a few months at least

I bought the VIP Pass after already purchasing Lake Lodge. Joel does dialog saying you can have the house, despite already owning it, and you don’t get you 5,000,000CR back. It should give you your 5,000,000 back IMO. Otherwise your paying real money for a pass with 1 less perk.

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