Xbox One Everlastings Car Meets!

Hello everyone.

Do you street race and are tired of running from police and are you tired of beating the crap out of people who don’t wanna pay but they sure wanted to play?

Are you tired of hanging out in a parking lot just to find out everyone is scared to race you because you’ve been taking everyone elses money?

Are you tired of rebuilding your transmission in the interest of continuing the hustle? Are you tired of wasting money on e85 Everytime you go out on the weekends to tear the street up and smack the competition no matter what?

Look no further… Come play Forza with us!

I’m hosting meets everyday with a little something to mix it up. My meets include but are not limited to:

Cruising, I have damage off so if you can’t drive in a video game… Its cool.
Drag racing, my personal favorite.
Drifting, don’t recklessly throw yourselves into big corners with your e brake… Stay a good car length behind each other just for the sake of flow.
Show and Tell: basically just show up and tell us a little but about your builds focus and specialties.
Last but not least at all… Rallying/Off-roading.

Rallying will consist of AWD cars. Off-roading will be bigger vehicles like SUV, Truck etc.

Come through and let’s have some fun without going to jail for the night and lose my license again.

Todays theme will be Euros with less than 600 or equal to that. No less than 2,200 LBS. FWD or RWD ONLY. No exceptions… If you can’t launch a car in a video game… Don’t bother showing your face.