[XBOX ONE] Car engine's sound freezes when driving in Horizon Life

Whenever I’m driving a car (in Horizon Life), the engine sound would just… Glitch ? It freezes on the same note, even when I shift up, down or when the car is stopped. It can last from 10 secs. to 45 secs, then it would either : stops completely (meaning my car doesn’t have an engine sound anymore) or just act like nothing happened. I have proof of this rather annoying problem here :


(sorry for the music, but the sound is quite obnoxious and tiring after a while).

What’s going on ?

I’m having the exact same issue. Really difficult when you depend on the engine sound while driving manual


Ever figure out a way to fix this? I’ve been having the same issue. It seems to happen more often when the game goes for any period without being fully exited.