XBOX ONE August free GOLD game FH2 (Where are my cars???)

So I recently downloaded the Forza Horizon 2 for this month free GOLD game which is the 10 year anniversary (which includes some cars) and then I bought the FH2 Fast & Furious car pack, but when I wanted to use the cars it wasn’t under my car list nor was it in the Autoshow where I can get it for “free”… I even went to the autoshow to buy some free cars but its is not in my car list…
What is going on?

My Problem:

  1. Anniversary cars nowhere to be seen
  2. F&F Car Pack nowhere to be seen
  3. Free cars from autoshow nowhere to be seen

Please let me know if you need me to be more specific because this is honestly upsetting me… :confused:


Same here… Can’t find cars anywhere! Also this week’s rewards did not arrive…on ANY Forza title. Come on T10, free game with freebies, but none to be found?

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I downloaded the Games for Gold version of FH2 on the 2nd and all the anniversary cars were in the Autoshow to buy.
I found them by ordering the cars by Value and then clicking the left bumper to go to the far left. It’s a pain buying each one like this but they were there.
I am in the UK on an Xbox One S with Virgin 50Mb fibre

They should be free so sorting by value is irrelevant

“Free” is still an actual value in the game. In the auto show it goes ‘free’—>5,000cr—>6,000cr—>etc. All free cars that were DLC that have not already been purchased before will be in the ‘free’ section.

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They are free. To some people. Sorting them by value just groups them together as the cheapest. That doesn’t work for everyone. I can Do it that way (and it is a hassle because you have to do it for each individual car), but my wife can’t (her ‘free’ cars are displaying a cost).

only the person that actually bought the packs gets the cars fee in this game, any secondary account will have access to them but has to pay ingame credits for them

I think the people who get them appear at a cost are ones with literally no connection to the servers and it is not recognizing the “purchase” of the pack.
Until the servers are fixed you may as well go play a different game. I’m sure they are fixing it but I think the number of people who downloaded it with GwG surprised them and the servers fell over. They will be frantically transferring the databases to a larger data farm (at various sites around the world and sync them up). It’s no mean feat to do that.

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