Xbox Celebrates Pride 2022 - Design Lab controller, Xbox Gear Shop, new avatars

In celebrating Pride this year, we invite LGBTQIA+ communities and allies to unite in their support for justice and equality, and to amplify voices that combat discrimination around the globe. Team Xbox shares our support for the LGBTQIA+ communities within gaming, while raising awareness of current issues impacting these communities.

With more than half of video game players (52% ) agreeing that “my gaming identity is a better reflection of myself than my real-world identity,” video games are an important outlet that gives players – especially those who are LGBTQIA+ – the chance to be who they want to be. At Xbox, we continue to work on creating safe spaces in gaming where all LGBTQIA+ people are welcome and belong, where everyone is invited to play as their authentic self and enjoy a community that welcomes self-expression.

This is also our chance to be truly intersectional by celebrating the vast array of people and identities that make up the vibrant Xbox LGBTQIA+ global gaming communities. It is more important than ever to recognize that systems of inequity based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, class, and other forms of discrimination intersect and ultimately affect us all. The global issues that LGBTQIA+ communities face are interconnected and we must seek to address them together. We are inspired by those who are using their voice and actively collaborating across groups and inequities to drive change for and beyond LGBTQIA+ communities.

Xbox will continue to champion a wide array of content and creators, so that games can better represent players from all communities and identities. We also support organizations that are driving change for issues that impact LGBTQIA+ communities, in particular those fighting for transgender equality. This year Xbox, along with Microsoft, is thrilled to continue these efforts with a $170K donation to multiple LGBQTIA+ organizations, as well as feature an increased number of Pride-themed products and designs which can hopefully inspire conversations and rally community actions.

We will help drive these conversations and amplify diverse LGBTQIA+ voices at Xbox as we continue to embrace and uplift the power of voice and identity. Here are a few ways that Team Xbox will be supporting LGBTQIA+ communities and celebrating Pride this year:

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Microsoft is donating a total of $170,000 to LGBTQIA+ nonprofits
Gaming and Impact with Microsoft Rewards

Get the Gear

Xbox Design Lab Features New Controller Inspired by Pride Available June 9

The Xbox Gear Shop celebrates Pride Month with a new 2022 Pride collection from Xbox and partnering Xbox Game Studios.


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Discover Games Curated by LGBTQIA+ Communities at Microsoft
Xbox Ambassadors Feature Stories about LGBTQIA+ Representation in Gaming
Bethesda Roundtable with Arkane Austin and Gay Gaming Professionals (GGP) Scholars
New Pride Gamerpics, Profile Theme, and Avatar Items

Tune In

Xbox Plays Celebrates LGBTQIA+ Communities

Xbox Podcast Talks Pride, Self-Expression, and Equity for LGBTQIA+ Players

For more details about how Xbox is celebrating Pride, please visit our Unlocked Pride gaming experience, centering on voices of LGBTQIA+ players and allies through the lens of our new Xbox Design Lab Pride controller. You can also join us by exploring the Microsoft campaign at