WLR Forza 7 - Very Clean but close racing - uk based

hey guys

looking fro some decent racing? were a small group of guys in the uk that race late at night (10pm onwards)

we have 2 leagues running at the moment, classic mini’s and a lotus cup, with more to come…

we run without any assists and love good old fashioned clean competitive races

we don’t believe ‘rubbing is racing’ nor cutting corners and running wide to gain, were just old fashioned good clean racers

if you are intrested in joining us please follow thie link below, we use facebook for all our chat/event listings/details


‘World League Racing’

WLR was founded in 2007 and for a long time we had a very busy powerful in-house built forum, this allowed us to host events thruout the week.

Back in those days we had a huge team of guys, 3 senior admin, half a dozen admin and a bunch of CO’s (competition organisers) that took daily care of everything. Back the nwe hosted two events 6 nights a week !

Times change and people move on with their lives, there’s a few of us still knocking around on the Xbox hence this group, things certainly won’t be on the scale we once knew but one thing is for sure and that’s we still enjoy close clean racing…

Were just a bunch of mature guys racing on forza 7 most evenings from around 10pm gmt onwards, organising clean racing generally in lower class cars without assists…

Organised events with set car builds (Mini Cooper cup/70’s Cup/muscle cars/nascar etc) simple fun competitive relaxed series without the public lobby crashing… swap tunes, practice/lobby races

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is this still going on?!