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To be clear, because I am unsure if I was, I was agreeing with the general view expressed that stock tires (and the extra power this would allow) would work for this weeks Trial, I chose what I chose as I had it on hand, and admit, while it can be okay, it is on the slow end.

Re: passing on corners, it is a only if can be done situation. Straights are clearly better for passing when the opportunity is there.

At the start of a race, where there is a close, know ‘jam’ corner, I if at the front will try to go for getting in front of the A.I., if at the back or middle, will actively hold back and go for best that is possible at the time.

In race, if A.I., will use what I know about how they will handle a corner to pass, or at least use to my advantage, and be a little aggressive if needed.

Against players, will only pass when it is clear there will be little or no interference - players who corner badly (wall slam, or ride) are easy to pass, and easy to now after once or twice if not already passed, better drivers I will generally actively hold back, to the point of it been unhelpful to me, and if they are behind me will make it as clear as possible they should pass if faster. If I am constantly close behind another player, and faster, I would hope they will make so a pass is easy, if they do not I will try when can, and hope for the best, again trying to not cause them issue - yet, it is clear when someone is close behind you, and faster, moving aside is not difficult.


I again only did 1.12.832 with M+C (to shift even earlier then auto) in rivals.
Winter test track and auto did mid 1.13 in my Subby, both times on stock tires.
If run on winter tires I was 1 - 1.5 sec a lap slower.

Glen Rannoch Hillside sprint winter test track in auto, clocked me at 3.12.8xx on stock tires and on winter.
Because of straights and those cars actually having some grip, stock tires work fine with trial this trial.

Yesterday I did run trial again to help my friend and didn’t got those speedy drivatars like on my solo first try, along with M+C I was in the lead very quickly (before first corner on sprint), then it was just a matter of making my Subby wide as whole track, so everyone could catch up to drivatars and pass them.
Then on last race in the city and since we already won the trial (2:0), I just let it rip and got to something like 20 sec lead.

Should say that Evo in my hands lacks some grip and can’t get near Subby times.

Had a fun see-saw with ziperr at the Lakehurst Copse Rivals with eligible B700 Evos & Imprezas.

My conclusion: the older the version the better. Simply because there is more room to improve the power/weight ratio.
Ended the battle against ziperr with a 1:10.928 (I think) in my 22B while the fastest time in the Evo VI was a 1:10.971 - perfectly balanced here. Evo has the better acceleration, the Impreza the better handling & stability.

Evo VIII, Evo IX and two Imprezas ('08 and '11 iIrc) clocked times between 1:11.5 and 1:12.3.

I really need help. My game is crashing at launching and I don’t know how to fix it. I watched every video on YT and still does not work. If anyone have some idea please hit me up.

Thank you!

You guys are gods. Ive been trying to beat the 244 mph pr for two days already. I consider myself a fair decent driver, and i tried every single car i had, except offroads, of course and i cant even reach 200 mph. I have some cars like the agera, the mustang gt and others tuned and they go beyond 250 mph, but its literally impossible to keep the car straight and not brake because of the snow and all the bumps in that pr what makes reaching 244 mph almost impossible. Its ridiculous, they seem to chose the more difficult pr stunts always in the wrong seasons.

Ima gonna try some tunes posted here, but seriously… this game sometimes feels more like a job than something to have fun with. Amazed enough i have completed everything else except this pr stunt.

Just to check - are you aware you can use rewind? Every time something goes a little bit wrong on the approach, just rewind until it goes how you want it to go. I just did 271mph with a snow tyre build of the 599XX Evo on my 2nd try, with one rewind.

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Did you try the car and advice I posted earlier in the thread? I did it the first time I tried it in that car, and as you can see from the video I didn’t even do it perfectly and still did 258 mph. Use online mode if you can, it will disable the stupid drivatars so you’ll only have civilian traffic which at least behaves more predictably.

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I’ve won several of the races in a Subie over a few trials entered but also several times was pushed into walls or pushed out of checkpoints always by Mitsubishi drivers. It’s very consistent…

For the “drive X miles” I usually run Colossus, etc.


Moorhead Wind farm speed trap in winter, good mix :stuck_out_tongue:
Speed needed to complete the seasonal challenge is 244 mph = 393 kph, so lets see what can be done
here is how I did it in my Koenigsegg Agera RS, tune - 167 849 655

and this is how I did it in Mosler MT900S, tune - 908 181 824

and a lil outtake lol

I don’t know what it is that brings out all the Sunday drivers whenever I am trying to do a challenge…lol I must have personally put at least 30 AI drivers in the cyber-hospital. Poor guys, hope they recoverfor the next Street event…

So I ran a few cars through the Moorhead Wind Farm speed trap just to see what I could get to do it. The original was a few days ago and was the 599 XX Evo. So far, the results are as follows:

Rimac Concept 2 - but wow, very slippery.

Ferrari 599 XX E - the most stable, could almost get it going uphill as well.

Jaguar D-type - surprisingly capable.

Porsche 918 Spyder - decently responsive

Mosler MT900S - decently stable but couldn’t handle slipping off the road at all

Tried: Ferrari Superfast, Ford Mustang Spec 5, Lotus Eleven, Bugatti Veryon. Most just need more run up than allowed, and the Lotus is just out of control. lol

Oh Barto…in running the Rimac, I incidentally replicated what you did with the Mosler, except I made it back around to my tires again. lol. Same spot caused the flip.