Winter #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and rewards through December 10

Precisely because it is just a “videogame” we shouldn suffer for it. You forget some of us play the game to have fun, not to feel like wasting time doing almost impossible things. Its ridiculous. The devs keep making more and more tedious to get through season events, only because they dont play the game emselves, apparently. Or they dont care.

Its like they are matching the worst car options with the worst stunts and events. I dont know if in purpose or who knows at this point.


You know, they added the Backstage, but there’s a twist… It says “one per customer”. So you waste spend some time in the month to get the pass, only to find out you can’t buy two 300ZX, two Hudson Hornet, and so on.

Since most of this game’s fanbase are kids and/or casuals who can’t tell a Camry from an Accord, don’t expect them to change it. Heck, there are people playing this game who buy Fast and Furious cars from the Auction House without realizing they can just download the paints!

PG syphons a lot of playtime from people who snipe the Auction House all day in their journey to earn 1 billion CR (for what, I don’t know). And the exclusive cars help boost the AH, which boosts playtime. Sad, but true.

You know how in FH1 the Darius race is Goliath but the finish line was moved from the overpass to the right exit so you easily miss it and lose the race? That’s Playground for you!

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Looking at your signature, is that a picture of yourself when writing this post. :slight_smile:

Take it easy, it’s just a game.

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I totally agree.

I don’t especially enjoy Winter in the first place, then I take a look at the activities. No new cars. I may do a couple of the activities, but probably not many of them.

I have managed everything but the speed zone so far. That’s a hard speed zone.

The Ferrari 599XX Evo can do it pretty well, but that Western-most part of it is tricky for holding to the road.

If you are having issues, try the VW ID R or the AM Vulcan. They both have grip for days so you can run nearly flat out through it.

Ah, thanks, but it doesn’t sound like my kind of fun :smiley: But I can feel your pain, I sometimes “have” to do some stuff too. I still don’t know why I “have” to have all cars :smiley: But what can we do…

In 2020, PG’s best attempt at draining playtime is “15 Threading the Needle skills in a TVR Sagaris”. There are games from the 90s with better grind. Not hard, just a slog to get through.

Regarding the jump, of course I spammed rewind to get the best entry, but once inside the concrete pipe, I just ran to the ramp. Once again, the advice: Hoonigan RS200. Don’t torture yourself picking other cars.

The Playlist is very easy this week. Problem is, it’s just… boring. More so than usual.

Yeah pipe danger sign took me one attempt no rewinds in the Hoonigan RS200. Agree with Nightdriver - don’t waste time trying anything else if you have that car.

I wish people could stop coming in here to just say “i did xxxx in my first attempt”. At this point im sure most of you are just pretending, but its getting really annoying. If you guys are so frikkin good that you only need one single attemp in the most difficult situations, why are you here at all? :stuck_out_tongue: it amazes me.

We’re mainly here for Jezza’s rivals competition. At the moment, 4 of us pretenders are in the world top 10 out of over 4000 people for the event we’re doing this week. If Jezza says the RS200 is great for that PR stunt, then his advice is worth listening to. Personally I can’t be bothered to spend the time changing cars so I needed about 5 rewinds, I think, to do it with a rally tyre 599XX Evo. Still quicker than messing about changing cars.

I did it first go using the mosler, if you can’t do it first go then thats your problem, no one elses. The only pretender coming to these forum of late is yourself thinking you know anything about this game.

I also note you said you cannot do Goliath with the TVR. If you cannot do the Goliath run in the TVR at “New Racer” level then i suggest you go find a more suitable game that doesn’t tax your IQ so much.

Lastly, if you had taken note of what other have said, the “Threading the needle” can be done on the highway in solo mode where plenty of the AI show up and can be done in a couple of minutes.

Quit disrespecting others by insinuating they are liars.

BTW - saying Jezza is a pretender is like saying Lewis Hamilton cannot drive F1, Jezza is extremely proficient at this game along with many others here.


Did the pipe jump in a dirt specced Speed 12…the AI sunday drivers weren’t making things easy. 5 attempts.

I’m only two weeks in the game and my eyes already roll back into my head looking at these season things.

Not sure why’ve had so much trouble I used a Focus like I have in the past. Just could not line up. I had it pretty quick but I hit something and it failed me and than refused to let me rewind. That happened at least twice. Then cars show up parked in front of it. All I’m saying is there are few people going for 100% and they don’t have to make it an annoying slog for no reason and make less people want to keep going for 100%. They might have just lost one of the few. It’s old at this point. The racing sucks, I’m always attacked for nothing in the trials when I’m the only one beating all the AI 90% of the time. Especially on dirt and cross county. Don’t need help from wall bouncers who just get in my way and mess me up cause they don’t care where they end up at all. Sick of it.

Yeah I remember having cars parked in front in the past. Had to ram them out of the way first!

I had 100% on Autumn (and I’d checked back every day while getting my daily challenges), but now the Autumn photo challenge has changed to expired, taking me down to 97%.

Is there anything I can do to fix my season completion / anywhere I can raise a support ticket to get it fixed? I’d really wanted to get a clean sweep this month, and it sucks to have it bug out on me.

Also not sure whether this is a known issue / whether it goes away with time? I had something similar with Rivals not registering at the start of the month, and that sorted itself out after a few days

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Are you on the mainland ? Because when you are in one of the DLC maps the photo challenge does not count there.

I was very surprised a few days ago, while competing on the Autumn Season, that the Summer Festival Photo Challenge - Series 29 was now at 97%. I
Now I wonder what caused the photo challenge completion status to change

I submitted a trouble-ticket on Wednesday evening. Too soon to expect a response already.

My Mosler was all right for that annoying Mudkickers jump, although it took me a couple of goes. No PB, but I sailed a decent distance.

As for threading the needle in the Sagaris, I switch to Horizon Solo and drove up and down the streets of Edinburgh until I’d completed that challenge, which was somewhat irritating.

So another week and new winter challenges (matches current RL conditions - I so miss my RWD car), yay :slight_smile:
Lets start with trial and dirt racing of B 700 modern rally cars, first thing that came to my mind was my Ford Focus. It runs snow/rally tires and after a bit of testing with Subarus, that although it might be a bit slower, I still prefer grip. Actual trial went great 3x 1st and 3:0 for team.
Ford Focus RS, tune - 172 525 704
There are also shared tunes for Mitsubishis and Subarus if anyone wants to try them.

To solo championships and lets start with cross country racing in C 600 offroad machines.
Option one was to reuse the Lambo LM 002 from previous trial or try something with a bit more grip, so I did just that
Jeep CJ5 Renegade, tune shared as Offroad - don’t forget to wrap up warm :slight_smile:
or Lambo LM 002, tune - 658 261 258

Next on my list was dirt racing with C 600 cars from 90’s.
After scrolling trough my options I decided on Subaru, it could do better with M+C transmission, but still easily won all 3 events in auto
Subaru Legacy RS, tune shared as Offroad

Last to complete was another dirt racing championship, but this time with D 500 vans and utility.
Here I simply went after proven crazy lil thing and even though I don’t drive power built cars, this one is more or less an exception.
It comes with a warning, do plan ahead when to brake and turn, as that’s not really its thing lol
Morris Mini–traveller, tune - 113 152 826

PR stunts and as usual used Koenigsegg Agera RS, tune - 167 849 655 for speed trap and danger sign and used McLaren Senna, tune - 176 256 116 for speed zone.
Danger sign used one reposition and few rewinds, as I was catching on second to last pipe wall.

And finally weekly Forzathon car - TVR Sagaris (normal, not FE) that I tuned to S1 900 with snow/rally tires, tune shared as Winter road. It can reach 300 kph no problem and can also collect 15 threading the needle skills on highway in 2 passes (just use solo mode). Finished with spending 10 min on Goliath race :slight_smile:

To wrap things up, another pic

A word on PGG, we’ll probably use something random, but on first look Ford Fiesta XR2, with rally tires looks as its worth trying.

As always hope this can be of any help to someone, take care everyone and have fun, bb