will there be an off road lounge on the forums when forza horizon 2

i was wondering if this was gonna be a thing because i know myself and others would like to organize off road championships and rally championships

When we create the new forum structure for FH2, it will resemble the same structure of the more current games, ie. FH1, FM4 and FM5 at the start. If offroad racing proves to be a very popular thing that merits its own forum, you would likely then see it appear as a subforum of the Racer’s Lounge area.

We’ll find out on September 30. I also can’t forget that no one in this forum knows and those who know aren’t posting on this forum.

Just wait and we’ll find out specially for being a bigger map then Horizon 1

The mods here have always been good at giving us sub-forums when needed.
The best thing to do would be to start an off-road group thread in the racers lounge or clubhouse section, and if it gets popular enough, it’ll get it’s own special place in the forums list! :slight_smile:
Oh, and bunging a couple of Benjamins Dragnet and Hieronymus’ way wouldn’t hurt! (Wink wink).