Will the PC version ever get HDR and/or VR support?

Topic says it all

It may get supported by Microsoft’s Hololens (AR)…

… How would AR even be applied to this game?

Forzavista on your coffee table. lol

A HDR update should not be so complicate to do.

I don’t think there is HDR monitor on the market at the moment.
But i would love to be able to play it now on my big 4k hdr tv.

On the VR side, i douth it, maybe for FM7 & FH4, the regular xbox one is a bit underpower.

IPS monitors can do HDR. They are 10 bit and 12 bit image colours with 99.99%SRGB.

People saying “there’s no hdr monitors that’s why there’s no hdr for pc” must not think about how you can use a TV with a PC. Also in regards to VR I mean for PC not the Xbone.