Which seasonal event I've signed up for? (PVP)

It’s seriously annoying not knowing which PVP seasonal I am about to join.
Just now I thought I signed up for an S1 rally monster series seasonal but then an event started from which I didn’t know what car restrictions there are.
The rental is way to weak and I still don’t know what the required cars are.

Am I just being blind or what?

Seems like the PVP Seasonals are either random from the few choices available, or go by which one currently has the most in the matchmaking queue. I’m never getting the one I I actually started up from on the map. It’s hard to say either way.

Still glad there’s a way to do simple FFA PVP beyond relying on the small number in your server who never want to join custom events.
I wish every race type (Road / Street / Cross Country / Dirt / +Playground Games) had wider / global matchmaking beyond your current live server like that.

So it isn’t me then not finding it not clear which cars I should have on standby. I don’t mind that a random event is chosen as long as it is clear which cars I have to prepare.

And yes, I agree that these seasonals are having plenty of other racers. I wish that custom events had a bit of a wider reach to more players across multiple servers. It’s very hard now to get a race together with 2 or more IF there even is anyone.

Alright, now I am totally confused. Just got into the Living Daylights session and thinking this is a 007 themed race I picked a James Bond car.
But when I got to the selection screen my car wasn’t there, only able to get a rental! So I thought I just time it out and get kicked out. But what was way stranger to me is that I raced in my car I was in in free roam!

This must be some kind of bug, right?