Which car has the longest race endurance?

Like the title says, which car has the longest race endurance?

Just to clarify, race endurance in this case is distance (number of laps) under race conditions with the stock tune (although for race purposes the homologated tunes might as well be considered stock). To keep things simple, I would assume a race around one of the oval tracks (short laps so it’s easier to measure instead of “halfway around the Nurburgring”).

Has anyone put together any sort of table on this?

Edit: Just realized I completely forgot to mention fuel in my post when talking about endurance. In response to the question in the first reply, race endurance is the distance a car can drive under race conditions on one tank of fuel.

What is race endurance? Do you mean in terms of fuel? Like which car can complete the highest number of laps on a single tank?

A lot of the old F1 cars have ridiculously large fuel tanks, I could do extra-long races in them in Career and not even be at half-tank by the end.

Yes, the driver would literally be surrounded by fuel. Great for endurance and weight distribution. Terrible for survival.

In Forza P1, I don’t really know what they have done but it ain’t right. The Porsche 919 uses fuel like it’s going out of fashion (even with the downforce at it’s lowest setting, lifting off lightyears from corners). the Audis can complete a 30 lap race at Sebring without pitting, and the Peugeot is somewhere in between. At Sebring, I pitted 3 times in the Porsche and the Peugeots pitted once. The Audis were really hard to catch after the second and third stops, but the Porsche is an absolute rocket so it was ok. Don’t know about the crazy Nissan with all its space age aero and front wheel drive, whoever was driving the one in my race was a lemon and kept crashing. They are quick in real life,.

@ST DeathGrips
Thanks for pointing that out, I was thinking fuel, but didn’t realize I had completely forgotten to mention it in my post.

Just to clarify, by older F1 cars do you mean Formula 70s or something else?

Yes, but also the 30s ones too

Shouldn’t the hybrid P1s in theory have the best endurance?


The game doesn’t seem to manage hybrid drivetrains properly at all…

It’s just standard AWD.

On a side note, I’ve found the Monza race in the Hypercar tournament unwinnable with the P1 GTR unless you set race length to standard. The car wastes too much fuel, and I believe it’s because the tank is small. The real car doesn’t really need a large tank due to the electric motors helping with the range, but in FM7 this trait does not seem to be simulated.