Where's my Gallery!

Got the same problem a lot of other 360 users have, uploading pictures to the storefront, only to log in and the pictures nowhere to be found! Even my FM4 pictures have vanished. Is it just a 360 doesn’t get the option to download shots?

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I found the same problem. If you are able to get a solution, please, tell!! I have already tried everything, and there’s nothing in my own gallery. Even my old Forza Horizon pics have already vanished!

um I have no Forza horizon 2 photos that I took, but I still have my viewed photos from my other forza’s

Same here guys, uploaded them to storefront/photo share on the console and then on the gallery on the website they are no-where to be found!

This needs to be fixed by T10/PG ASAP!

same problem i use a XBOX 360 too
many fotos but where?

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