Where the traffic cones are

Are those cones or barrels? I assumed they meant the actual shin-height cones.

There are a bunch of regular traffic cones:
Near the speed zone and drift zones near the main festival site / Horizon Tours area.
Southeast area of the Baja scramble area near a giant inflatable can.
Houses along the northeast coast near La Cabana house
Horizon Street Scene festival site
Horizon Rush festival site near the danger sign

Larger traffic barrels:
Old Aerodomo near the hangar on the middle of the airstrip
Divided highway near the entrance/exit for the main festival

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This was not the parody of Where the Wild Things Are that I was hoping for. :wink:

These events are a waste of time anyway… I never found the solar panels. There’s no point showing me where they are, because my thinking is for the players who don’t use the forums.

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Unlike the traffic cones, the solar panels are actually visible on the in game map.

Of course, smash goals that involve objects that are placeable in Event Lab usually end up with myriad custom events to achieve them.


In best location is a bonusboard so im sure “everyone” knows where to find them…
And think someone posted pic already


and quick search for “solar” shows 15 results in super7

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You think that people remember where all the bonus boards are?

No but they remember they’ve seen solarpanels before…
And btw there is also some accolade with smash solar panels and it’s 2022 u can do simple fh5 solar panels - Google Search
58.400 Results (0,58 Seconds) ;D

Well I don’t. I looked on the map, couldn’t see them… gave up. I am only posting for people that don’t use the forums, I’m a game designer so it bugs me that nobody will find them.

What are your thoughts on collectibles in games? Like the orbs in Crackdown, Tags in Gears of War etc

Because if all people do is have the game but shut themselves off from the internet then most games seem to have these things you have to find.

I did not use the forums to find the solar panels, nor did I use the internet. I found them myself to get the accolade.

I don’t think its that hard.

Traffic cones same thing.

But if people need help there is ample on YouTube or Google for all of it.

Hm, yeah bad game and bad devs… you completed all tracks? there are at least 2 with route through the solar panels :wink:

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I wouldn’t remember a route through the solar panels anyway.

I’m not even gonna comment on solar panel location troll question, even I posted its location with pic in weekly thread.

Also found that those snaky ninja cones like to live near the roundabout at the end of the highway and around danger signs :slight_smile:

If its the barrels, they also like similar locations.
Road near central stadium has enough of both


5 cones right in front of Horizon Tour.

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I’ll be knocking over the plentiful supply of traffic cones that are situated in the northern area of the Teotihuacan airfield/airstrip.
It’s just to the lower right of the centre of the map, surrounded by big stony pyramids.

Thanks to all who replied to not only this thread but also to all similar threads with locations (often with pictures),

What great community spirit when we help each other out!

I used the orange barrels at the entrance to the jungle runway. There are more by the hanger near the gift barn.

Barrels worked for me. Did them at the divided highway at the entrance/exit ramps closest to the main festival site.

For traffic cones I used the ones near Giro Encorvado drift zone.

Just south of it.

For solar panels go just south of Autopista speed trap on the highway.