What's the best 'Street Race' event in a X999?

One of the accolades is to win a Street Race in a X999 class vehicle.
(Another accolade is to ‘achieve 250mph in a Street race’. Assuming the X class can smash this speed target)

Which is the straightest Street race to get the best result (Jesko optional) ?

I’m struggling achieving a Street race win in an X Class. Any helpful ideas ?

X Class racing is not the easiest thing…not long after release I did an X Class race for an Accolade and, even with the difficulty dropped to the lowest it can go, only just about won it.

You want a Street Race which incorporates the Motorway for the top speed part. Carretera Chase (Just South-East of the Drag Strip in the pyramids) has a decent stretch of motorway involved and not too many tight corners