What is influence?

I don’t know why, but this game for me has a reall hard learning curve. I don’t know what influence does. I can’t buy any house or car that’s over a million bucks and I have tons of hours into this I’m level 45.

What gives? It’s just such a grind with 60 to 70% bonus on the settings, and I’m only earning 10 to 12k a race. Geez

Any help is appreciated

Influence is just another word for Experience. Which should be obvious, really. It fills the bars and gains the levels.

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Level 45 is relatively early in the game tbh. Keep at it, use your wheelspins and sell valuable cars on the AH if you feel you’re short on cash.

Thanks guys.

Look for credit skills on the cars you did have, you can trade your skills for cash with some cars.

I wish there was a way to see what level you were in the game without actually having to be in the game.

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Why tho? What does it matter outside of the game?