What Happened to Arcade Events?

is it just me, or did they nix the arcade events? i haven’t seen any on the map in hours. yes, i know it’s next to impossible to complete them but i’m persistently attempting to do so. anyone else notice this?

EDIT: never mind, they just popped up on the half hour. still wasn’t able to complete it though.

My game just had them so IDK why u don’t see them?

I have noticed this, sometimes they don’t appear when they should, but going back to offline mode, then reconnecting usually makes them reappear.

This happens to me as well, have to restart the game, going to solo and back again does not fix the issue. The MP in this game is nothing but hot garbage and has not changed in almost 2 weeks since release. For a game that is supposed to be all about MP, it is worthless.

Is there an LFG for horizon arcade? I don’t want to do them a ton, but I’d like to check them off of the horizon playlist and bank some forzathon shop points each week. But you can’t complete them without a group. In any case, lonestartiger is my gamer tag if anyone wants to add me and occasionally knock out some horizon arcade events.

Join the official Forza discord server and then go to FH5 multiplayer chat you can get in Horizon arcade groups there.