What do you think about the FH5 map?

Do you think it’s diverse and amazing or flat and dull?

I feel the designers started with a blank canvas and ended with a blank canvas. Imagine a small salami pizza with 10 pieces of salami on it. The ratio of salami to cheese/sauce is pretty good. Now imagine that small pizza gets stretched to a medium sized pizza without adding any more salami. Then stretched again to a large and again to an extra large and again to an American small! Now the ratio of salami to cheese/sauce is way off and the pizza is no good. That’s what the map feels like to me personally. How about you?


I think it’s adequate. The volcano is pretty disappointing. A tiny mountain with a muddy puddle on top.

Personally, I’d like them to go slightly more fantastic. Horizon World - a Pangaea of connected, crafted environments. A winter section over here, mountains over there, a volcano with lava and paths running inside of it, a metropolis style central hub… maybe even update all the existing maps and have them available too.


It’s decent, I suppose. Nothing special. My biggest issue with it is that I think ratio of environments are a little off. The map is mostly grassy/plain areas, largely in the middle right, with most of the swampy areas towards the bottom right and the sandy areas towards the left. I would’ve liked to see at least a better distribution of what’s there. I also would’ve liked to see a few more actual city areas. Guanajuato is super small and Mulege is just a buttcrack-town. Everything else just feels like suburban environments at best and I usually end up forgetting that the map has a couple of beachfronts. Also, it would’ve been nice to see some lava at the top of the volcano. Even if it isn’t active, it would’ve made for much cooler visuals during the expedition that takes you to the top of it, and I’d be much less annoyed when having to drive up the freaking thing just because it’d look so cool.


The map has a ton of roads, but there are major issues with it IMHO.

The tarmac switchback up the volcano ends at the top, meaning we can’t have a road ‘circuit’ that includes the switchback.

The switchbacks in H4 and Fortune island kept me amused on custom circuits for a year. On H5 all you can do is race up it. They don’t even have a point to point the goes down it currently.

Unlike H4 it’s hard to tell where you are on the map, as it all kinda looks the same.

Goliath is useless for anything below S1 because there aren’t any real corners.

On a A800 car you can do a lap and never have to touch the brakes. Goliath in H4 was far more challenging.

And the tunnels? Who thought they were a good idea?

They look absolutely awful, with lighting from a gen or three ago.

It’s quite distracting to go from a beautifully rendered map in to a tunnel that looks worse than Ridge Racer looked nearly 30 years ago.


Volcano is great… but hardly any relevance… should be in center of map.

Center of map too many boring fields… flat area… only edges of map are interesting.


“and again to an American small!” made me lol…

I personally find the map per se ok, with the exception it would be nice to see all other players on it.

I think it’s just so bland. They had some good ideas, but just badly stitched together. The map would be better if it were smaller and with more attention to detail. Think of FH3 and FH4 maps. They were good, but the expansion maps were much better. They were smaller but they didn’t feel so randomly generated.

And there are some parts of the FH5 map where it’s obvious nobody actually cared. Some mountains for example. It looks like somebody used a ‘brush’ type tool to ‘plant’ trees into the game world. So they just made a few lines and that’s it. You can see how instead of a forest there’s just a few lines of trees quickly drawn there.

The same goes for tracks. Well, that’s the problem with most open world games where the tracks are just a random collection of checkpoints. Eventlab doesn’t exactly remedy this because it’s mostly ‘we know the tracks are boring, so make your own’.


Well it’s Mexico, what did you expect? Sydney Opera House perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain …


fawlty towers was amazing.

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At first I thought it was a nice mix of FH1, 2 and 3. But, without much difference in the seasons, I’m starting to get bored…

I think it’s fantastic. Even with the shine of the newness worn off, I’d still consider it easily the best of the three horizons I’ve played (3, 4, and 5).

It’s not beyond criticism though. The living desert is too big to the point where it wears out it’s welcome, the farmland could stand to lose some ground to both arid hills and jungle, and Guanojuato, while nice (and much better utilized by dev made races) falls short compared to Edinburgh.

If I get really nitpicky I could definitely pick out elements of each map to claim “this is why (3 or 4) is better.” But when looked at as a whole 5 is easily the best in my eyes.

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It’s great but is really missing a large city and good city circuits. The two largest towns are quite compact, I accept that perhaps it’s supposed to be representative of Mexico but I’m pretty sure the country is not entirely made up of small to medium size towns with only single lane roads.

FH2/3/4 had some great city tracks, some tight and twisty sure but others more open. FH5 only sees these tight small circuits, I feel FH3 Surfers Paradise in particular having much better city tracks.


I agree with what you convey but argument of “representative of Mexico” does not land as a justification. There is this ‘small’ urban area of Mexico City in Mexico (and it’s not like they have not acknowledged it as the stadium is clearly the Aztec Stadium knock-off), size/population-wise Edinburgh would not even be in top 30 of Mexican cities and Surfers Paradise is just tiny compared to other cities from the games.

I think the map would benefit from having a “great divide” sort of biome transition. The transitions from one biome to another one are more “natural” but can end up being boring to drive through. That’s why some feel the map is too big or not diverse enough.

Its Mexico. We already expressed our concern and non aproval when the devs said Mexico was gonna be it. Its a terrible map, but who cares anyways at this point. The devs of course do whatever they want without listening to their customers. This must be one of the only games where the devs actually make things to infuriate players instead the opposite.

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I set my expectations low, guided by the portrayal of Mexico in Sergio Leone films, and haven’t been disappointed.

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it is so awesome that it got GOTY!

The map is fine. I have more of an attachment to FH4 (Scotland) but the only nitpick I have is volcano being bland. There are few countries they could do that have more diverse biomes (Russia and Argentina/Chile spring to mind) so I’m not going to go too hard on a lack of variety. More/larger urban areas would have been welcome though.

Definitely. Edinburgh was huge compared to Guanajuato and Broadway Village twice the size of Mulegé. I hope the DLCs add some cities.

I like that it has more diversity than 4 and the “driving” roads are absolutely phenomenal. However, the peak of the volcano, as others have said, is pretty disappointing. That, and there’s really no point in seasons anymore. They don’t really change the environment that much.

I dont think you know what that word (diversity) means…

One of the things that the map of FH5 is clearly inferior to FH4 is diversity… LMAO.