What do I have to do for the hub to continue counting?

I have all the FH4 successes, but the hub has a “car masteries completed” 96/400 / 12/50, what do I have to do to make the hub count

All you can do is wait, and hope for the best. It’s been slow to update for years.

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Car Masteries refers to the perks you unlock with each car. As you win points for driving, you earn the perk points. As you spend them on cars for their different point boosts, you can elect to fulfill the entire board. Some have as few as 8 or so. Others up to 20 I think. The bottom row costs 1 pt each with 25 pts being the rightmost one. Second row is 3 pts each. Third row 5 pts each with the top row usually being 10 each but sometimes up to 99.

If you complete the entire thing for a car, it counts as a car mastery. Do enough of them to fill the requirement for the whole thing. Fortunately, you don’t need to do your entire garage (1000) or even all the available cars (650+)

Edit: may have misread the intent of the question. Yeah, sometimes it doesn’t reset for awhile. Maybe a hard reboot, but usually just a couple of days will allow it to cycle.

It took a very long time for the hub to realize I had more than 50 cars with all perks maxed out. But at least it did .

For me it updated today, around 30min ago, hope it works for you today maybe too. Only “issue” is now, I have 1* and level 68 and it recognizes only level 68. Somehow it was stuck at level 40 for the time I reached from 40 to 200 (and reset to 0). :smiley:

That’s not possible, as soon as I make the post, the points are counted on 25/50. Now I have equipped another 30 cars with points, but unfortunately nothing happens here again.

Bring also times in the new year an update for the HUB, dear friends of Turn10 or Microsoft.

Are you buying a single perk or are you buying all the perks for a car? A single perk doesn’t count. You have to fill out the entire thing, including the 25 point second life perk.

i think it up date every sunday…

I’m posting again to see if the update is coming back.

I always unlock the cars completely.
But it does not count.

For FM7 I also have the problem with the show races, I have all 30, I also have all archivments, but according to the hub I have done only 29 races.

still nothing is counted, but since the Forza Hub is discontinued, I don’t think anything will happen here.