What are your Daily Drivers ?

What car do you always go to when you fancy a nice relaxing cruise around the world ?

For me it has to be my E30 M3, I just think it looks and sounds awesome and it has been tuned and fine tweaked over weeks to make it drive perfect, what are your opinions on it ? :slight_smile:

BMW M3 E30

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Well for me its defo my audi. handles like a champ even tho its stanced…

For me, it’s my Focus ST. I’ve left it FWD with a sport tune in B Class. Since I’ve finished all the Super Hot Hatch events, I’ll use this as my DD back to the Horizon Festival to conclude a road trip. I’ve also been driving it to set some competitive LB times in B Class.

Mine is the Ferrari Lusso, slightly tuned to B class.