What am I doing wrong when joining Multiplayer?

I’ve had several instances where the intermission countdown is going when I join a lobby. I choose my car and I’m ready to go. The counter reaches zero and the races launches but I’m still sitting in the selection screen waiting? I can see 0/3 laps completed but I’m not on the grid?

After they complete said race were back on the new track with the intermission countdown and this time I get on the grid when it reaches zero.

First I thought I was too late with only a few seconds left on the clock but I’ve joined a lobby several times now where the intermission countdown has 40 seconds to go.

Am I missing something? Can I ready up somehow so I don’t have to sit around for 15 minutes before I can have my first race?

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This happened a few times with me, it’s inconsistent because I am unable to reproduce it when I want, I initially thought it was because I stayed in the car selection screen too long. Recently it hasn’t happened to me, so not really a big deal…when it happened before, I would just exit that lobby and search for another one same hopper, it would often put me in another one that was starting soon. I think it’s a glitch, hopefully fixed soon…it’s doesn’t really bother me anymore to be honest because I can’t remember the last time it happened(could be server related also).

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I’ve experienced being left out of a race once. No idea how it happened but after finishing one race and sitting in the lobby the next race started without me. Haven’t had that happen since though.

Usually when I get left out of a eace, it’s because I’m in the Xbox menu while it’s launching. Seems very frequent and have been able to reproduce the issue by doing this. If you haven’t been in the Xbox menu while it’s launching, I’m not sure what the issue would be.

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Yeah as kbow said I noticed it first when I checked a message while “waiting for cars” and got left in lobby and was able to replicate it several times. However once I knew that I obviously stopped doing it period during any in hopper time. Then it started to do it without me hitting the home button, so I then suspected leaving the change sort on starting position was doing it also. Could not replicate that one though, and the next day was Friday and a patch came out and I haven’t been left sitting in the lobby since.

I used to get this all the time up until a week ago. There’s nothing your doing its just a glitch, at least that’s what it seemed like for me.

What’s worse is that while you’re stuck in the lobby the game actually puts your car into the race and drives nit around making it look like your driving. I used to get people sending me messages after the race commenting on a crash we had, when I wasn’t even in control, I was stuck in the lobby.

But I haven’t had this issue for a while now so I assumed the update fixed it for me.

I was in a race where someone yelled at someone for crashing them and since you can talk/hear people in the race while in the lobby the guy claimed he wasn’t racing and was sitting in the lobby. And everyone basically agreed it looked like a drivatar out there racing. That could have got me reported I guess since it happened to me at least 20+ times before the latest patch.

I kind of though the guy was bsing at first but if that’s the case it’s worse than the lagged out cars not being ghosted on the start/finish line