Weak Throttle input (HE Pro Pedals) Please advice/help

Hello guys,

I just downloaded the FH4 Demo to try it out with my setup, sadly I already got stuck on not having a proper throttle input.
So when I press the pedal, I get a super weak pedal input and the car is barely moving (as if there is like a +75% dead-zone) While all my pedals are correctly calibrated with DI-VIEW and working without issues in every other racing game. Note that the issue is only with the throttle input, as far as I can see the brake pedal is working as it should.

Does any one know a solution?

PS. I had the same issue with FH3…


I will post people with similar problems as me.
Directly from Racedepartment:

Andrew_WOT said: ↑
Same issue, I had that in other Forza games too, that was fixed with EmuWheel but it doesn’t work with FH4.

MapoUK said: ↑
Same issue here, in FM7 I could overcome this by setting throttle sensitivity to around 32 in game but this doesn’t appear to work in FH4.