We are The Paddock, simulating Imsa races

Hello we are The Paddock
We are a group of racers/tuners/painters that put together races sanctioned by IMSA
currently we are running CTSC ( Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge ) races held on Sundays at 9:00 est time ( 6:00 pst)
only running this series at this time but plans for more soon MX-5 Cup and a few others
if you have any questions message me or fallow us on our Instagram page Thepaddocksimracing mine barbecue_weasel
or the website to register thepaddock.freeforums.net
and ill see you on the track

i am interested let me know like to know more info ?

I would be happy to inform you what would you like to know more about
our races run about an hour long, have two pit windows per race, have 11 races per season so far and have raced the first two
we have car builds on our site and tuning is open.

Like what class type are yall running and how can i join? And when do yall run the races thanks

same here

Our 3rd race is tonight the ST class is a b class with specific builds and GS is a class with specific builds
You can find more information by registering on our forums
I will add both of u on Xbox live

How many cars? I just checked out the web page and only saw one post for Forza6…

yes I have them set up in sub boards which can unfortantly only have register members view sub boards at this time
,and we have 5 cars in each class
bmw m3
Aston matin dbs
Camaro z28
mustang gt350r
Nissan 370z

bmw 1m
mazda Miata
audi s3
Honda civic si
mini cooper

Sorry for ignorance, what tunes for GS and ST? Are they S class or R class and B class?

we have specific parts that go in to the cars and can be found on the site thepaddock.freeforums.net
you will have to register to the site in order to see the builds for ctsc

Just signed up. What now?

well we do practices throughout the week if you need builds they are on the website in the sub boards or I can hook ya up with are car in ST class any other questions message me on xbox live or the website