gauging interest in a group for doing wangan runs on the highway and running the events created to mimic the wangan runs. Would like to have a convoy to do a few runs and post videos online.

let me know if you would be interested.

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What is a “wangan” run??

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Midnight freeway races with tuned cars

I see.
Thanks @Fishie_flop_oog!

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You still doing it if he happy to join I got some actual wangan maps for runs

Fun fact: It comes from the old street races that took place on Japan’s Wangan (Bayshore/Route B) highway in the 90s that are pretty much the cultural symbol of street racing in Japan. Maybe I should see if I can recreate Maximum Tune (an arcade series based on the Wangan Midnight manga) routes in EventLabs.

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I’ve already been making one I’ve kinda put it on hold it’s called tatsumi pa also I’m making daikoku park rn