Volvo V40 2012-2019

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Volvo V40


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  • T4
  • T5
  • D2 / D3 (Diesel)
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2012 with 2.5 I5T


I would love to see it added, specially the early years with the 2.5L turbocharged I5 engine.

By the way, a lot of the interior assets of the V40 are shared with it’s big brother, the V60, that is already in FH5. That would cut a lot of corners when it comes to modeling the V40. They share AC vents, gear lever, steering wheel, the instrument cluster, among other things.

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pretty please???

we need more inline 5’s in FM. Seriously… As of FM 2023 we only have the volvo 850 and a few audis that share the EA855. The early P3 V40 T5 R-Designs share so much with the C30 T5 (from FM7 - drivetrain, sounds) and the P3 V60 from FH5 (interior, wheel, dash, seats, some exterior design cues) that it wouldn’t take that much effort to model it.

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That first picture is of a D3 diesel, although that version is a 2.0 5 cylinder diesel

Picture is just ilustrative pictures so other’s can visual the look of the car without searching it up.

So this is potentially one of the upcoming cars in the next GT7 update, so I think we deserve this as well in FH5, if GT7 can get normal, everyday cars and no one minds, surely we should as well

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2016 Volvo V40 T5 R-Design

So, it’s in GT7 now so I think we should get this in FH5, yes it’s only just come into GT7 but I don’t care

2013 V40 T5 R-Design

It has a 2.5L B5254T12 Twincharged I5 producing 251HP and 360Nm of Torque, and in 6-speed Automatic only.

GT7 had it recently but difference is they have it as a Japanese-spec model with a low-powered 2.0L B5204T9 I5 producing 210HP and 300Nm of Torque.


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2016 Volvo V40 T5 R-Design