Volvo S60 (race spec) 2000-2009

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Volvo S60 (race spec)

Use this topic for voting on racing versions of the first generation S60. For the production version, please click here.

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 2004 Volvo #24 At-Speed S60 R (FM1-FM3) - GT3 class

T5 and facelift T5 Summum (with painted/chrome trim pieces)


Super Touring




Anything with a Straight 5 gets my vote.


The Super 2000 Volvo S60 would be awesome to have, it raced in the European Touring Car Championship, Swedish Touring Car Championship and also in WTCC, and it has a 2 liter naturally aspirated 5 cylinder engine, with around 280 hp and a revlimit of 8750 rpm, and it sounds great, especially the ones that raced here in Sweden, since Polestar Racing ( Now known as Cyan Racing ) reworked the engine and the exhaust from the original built Prodrive 2002 ETCC car, and thus creating a lovely 5 cylinder exhaust note :slight_smile:
The ones that raced in the Swedish touring car championship and wtcc are the best of the bunch :slight_smile:
Volvo S60 S2000 | Cyan Racing