Volkswagen XL1 2013-2016

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Volkswagen XL1

This topic is specifically for the limited-production model, for voting on the XL Sport prototype click here.

This streamline car with drag coefficient of just 0.186 was VW’s idea about future mobility by early 2010’s standards. It was powered by electric and diesel engines and capable of covering whooping 240 miles per gallon (or at least that was what VW claimed). On paper it was equivalent to 1 litre per 100 km fuel consumption.


I obviously can’t have it IRL, let people drive it in Forza tho!

would be fun to see this in forza in the same update as the mk1 honda insight. Maybe the Riversimple Rasa…? (cant own one of those IRL either, god I hate how they have decided to structure their buisiness model)

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I like XL1 for being a hybrid diesel with 2 cylinders.
Actually an interesting car, because Volkswagen made it to test their technical abilities and design a car with lowest fuel consumption possible in the world.

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2014 Volkswagen XL1


Moar legendary cars

This would suit the Spacesuit outfit

for real

This, the first generation Honda Insight, the Toyota Sera, Audi A2 etc, they’re road-going spaceships and are legendary in their own rights and they deserve their place in the game

Devs don’t ignore this beauty.
Enthusiasts keep voting!