Volkswagen Polo 2017-current Mk6

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Volkswagen Polo 2017-current Mk6

It’s about time we got a Polo in this game


Yeah, i mean they put in the corsa and the fiesta st and the s3 audi


2022 Polo GTI face-lift


The new facelifted GTI Polo 2022 would be great. There’s not much competition to the Fiesta atm, this would open a whole new set of interesting races.


2022 Volkswagen Polo GTI



2023 Volkswagen Polo GTi Edition 25

Made in honor of the hot hatch’s 25th anniversary. It is limited to 2,500 units and it features special equipment such as 18-inch alloy wheels, black roof and side mirrors, red brake calipers and trim strips, chrome-plated tailpipes, perforated black-read leather sport seats, and gloss black interior trim with red GTi lettering.


It would be pretty interesting to see the new Polo in the game.

Imagine this being added with a VW/Audi 2.5 TFSI engine swap :smiley: Would be a pretty sick build for sure!

Really want to see the GTI in Motorsport - I’ve owned one for a couple years, to see it in a Forza game would be great.