Volkswagen Passat 1997-2005 (B5)

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Volkswagen Passat (Fifth generation)

This topic includes saloon and estate body types.


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Which bodystyle do you prefer?

  • Sedan
  • Wagon
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Which version do you prefer?

  • Pre-facelift (1997-2000)
  • Facelift (2001-2005)
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Which model do you prefer?

  • Standard
  • VR5 / V5
  • V6
  • W8
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One of my favorite cars! Euro-spec please!

Let’s go les loulous !!!


As a Passat Variant would be great!

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Pictures of this crazy VW. Available as both, Estate and Sedan


2.8 VR6 Syncro or 2.8 V6 4Motion

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W8 Passat please
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The 2.8 V6 and W8 would be awesome to add and see in a videogame!

They’re getting rarer nowadays so seeing it immortalized in a videogame would be cool :smiley:


I’m all down for seeing the 3BG estate with the cool W8 engine and the legendary 1.9TDI

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Volkwagen passat b5 1.9 tdi

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My irl car is a Passat GLX; that’s the one with the 2.8L V6 and 4-Motion

Edit: specifically the b5.5 Passat from 2004

Would like to have the 1.9tdi or 2.3 vr5 that sound awesome


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Am I the only one that wants the Wagon more than the sedan?