Visual errors on cars in FH5

In todays livestream we could see a Camaro ZL1 1LE at 20:13. Sadly it still has the visual flaw that is has a red third brake like (the top one on the trunk), while the real ZL1 1LE has a blacked out light there from the factory.

This error was already present in the FH4 model of the car. Hopefully PG looks into some of these flaws and can fix they before release. Just like the 2020 Shelby GT500 had the wrong taillights in FH4 (it was using the 2015 Mustang rear lights, instead of the triangle-shaped ones of the 2018 Mustang which is also in the game).

Do you saw other visual bugs they should fix too?

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I mostly wouldn’t notice errors where the Car is 100% accurate, but I have run into the occasional problem with car models not working properly with decals when painting. Blank spots, clipping, odd stretching/distortion, and a decal’s position being across wildly different positions - sometimes flipped in one place compared to the other (like moving a decal down on the side of a car and having it start to show up on a wing or central structure but upside down or mirrored).

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The Evo X still has the missing tail light reflector textures that it and many other cars had missing in FH4.

Viper ACR doesn’t have vents on hood
Aventador and SV, Huracan and Performante have the exact same dashboards with same red lines
Ford Shelby GT500 speedo and tach are messed up

From the trailer it does look like they fixed the C8 messed up dash

I’m sure the car detail errors thread will be copied over from FH4 and hopefully a few of the cars get their issues fixed, like the trueno and the shifting animation or ferrari F50 hood bounce
Hoping for better qc for the new cars added in FH5

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No offense man but “we” have been their quality control (qc) for several years now!!

i’m not going to get my hopes up for car inaccuracies being fixed, they are still using the same incorrect vauxhall monaro model, i hope at the very least the s15 is remodeled

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weird shaped

This. Monaro 3d-model is still based on old inaccurate FM2 (2007) Monaro model. And I’m pretty sure S15, E30 M3 etc will not be updated either.

Where’s the difference between the two pictures?


Look at the headlight shape, the fog light shape and the grille in between the headlights.

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I feel like this topic should have opened, because I notice a wrong car detail already.

First of all I apologize for my poor English. English is not my native language. So I hope I can clearly explain myself here.
I appreciate for the hardwork and dedication the Playground Games put in for Forza Horizon 5.

My wrong car detail is about the Toyota Supra. This detail was/is wrong in Forza Horizon 4 also, and I thought it would be fixed for FH5 but I see that it isn’t.

Toyota supra in real life has keyhole in the right taillight. In Forza Horizon 5 it doesn’t have it. Let me explain it with images.

that doesn’t bother me at all. i say leave off all the key holes.

Forza has never been about 100% accuracy on car models. That is something Polyphony studios focus on. Forza is about quantity more than quality.

Most likley they are still using upscaled car models from Forza Motorsport 2. 2021 and Forza is still recycling 3d data from 2007, its kind of unbelievable. Imagine if the next generation Forza Motorsport 8 comes out and they still have that same lumpy S15 we all loathe.

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They are still using that melted dissolved burnt Malteaser monaro body from fm2 so that s15 is still gonna look like a potato most likely