This is our next Monday event starting on the 11/09/2017. Once again with our proud sponsor Electric Monkey. Who you can see by clicking the image below.

Electric Monkey

You will find more details about our GT Series here. This series is our second GT series and if it was anything like the previous series we and you (if you join us) will definately love this series, once again more details can be found on our forums in the rules section. If you want to join a fun community with some fast to slow racers then VGN is the place to be. We can also offer support for those who want to better themselves in the Forza world. So drop by and give us a shout if you fancy racing something new.

You will find the builds for the cars here

And the schedule for the series here

If you want to have a look into VGN further check our Twitter and Facebook pages


Thanks from the VGN team