Vector M12 ASR GT2

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Vector M12 ASR GT2

This car is featured in Gran Turismo 2 as the Vector M12 LM and that’s pretty much it’s only notable appearance.

The “ASR” part of the name stands for “American Spirit Racing” who were the main title sponsor for the car.

Unfortunately the car wasn’t particularly successful in Motorsport and only existed as a form of marketing to draw attention to the brand by putting it up against Porsche and BMW in the 1998 GT2 Season. Equipped with the same 5.7L V12 as the normal M12 but given a more aggressive aero-package it was just too slow and at its first race in Last Vegas it Qualified very poorly before overheating early in the Race and DNF’ing.

After such a colossal failure the product was shelved almost immediately.

Since the car only raced once there’s very few photos of it and they’re unfortunately of low quality.

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