VAZ Lada 2121 4x4 Niva 1976-1993

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VAZ-2121 Niva

We need more vehicles from underrepresented nations in the game. This includes ones from Russia.


Legendary offroaders like the Lada Niva deserve a spot in Forza Horizon Five.



Lots of potential tuning options, first off roader to have a unibody structure which is nowadays almost exclusively used by Japanese vehicles like the Mitsubishi Pajero & Suzuki Jimny. It would make a good cross country vehicle. There are so many good reasons for the legendary Lada Niva to be in the game.


Yes, i’m serious. This slow and clumsy car from USSR. But technically it was one of few AWD off-road of that time (1977. I mean with permanent all-wheel drive).Also it have load-bearing body (that was rare)that make It a first CUV. Niva is a revolutionary car for world, and Sovet Union porticular. And it was popular at many countrys ( maybe all Europa and more).
Niva also has problems . Weak (≈76HP) engine. Sound insulation was bad, and matetials too. But for his price that’s was good.
At rally Paris-Dakar (1981) at the first time Niva took the third place. Later (at 1982) it took second place (Paris-Dakar) and in 1983 too. At Paris-Tunisia Niva took 1st place. Algerian Rally, first again. Pharaon rally (1983) all top places (1,2 and 3). And in mexico (Baja palos blancos) and many another rally races. Read about it. Yes this car has many achivments and


Good points. It is still popular to this day.

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Oh the sound insulation, my grandpa has them as long as i can think and all of them were insanely loud. It sounds like gearbox-whine you usually get in reverse, except it‘s in all the gears and 10x louder. I actually learned to drive in one on a field. I really want it to be added to the game, it‘s an awesome little car.


At least it did the job. It does well off roading.

Disappointed this didn’t make it into the rally expansion. It would have made a great car for it. Hopefully, in the future…


Not at this time. This is a RUSSIAN car, and everybody knows why they wouldn’t add it to the game right now. But don’t lose faith


Very true.