VADER with a twist

still got some work to do


The paint looks awesome kudos to you pity this forum is a dead place and not many will see this…

I see it! Looking forward to it being released. And the Ben Kenobi Ninja car too :smiley:

Yeah ghost town for sure. But I’m OK with that.

Should be available tomorrow night-ish

I saw it and thought it was really good, from whst I can see (you could take a screeshot in the editor via this dvr thing). I just wasnt sure if posting was a good idea after your last message.

Killing it as always mimic.

Vader is available

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Dope :slight_smile:

what G said double dope : )

Very nice paint Mr MIMIC
Is Perfect :wink:

Keep up the good work! I find my self asking where u guys find your patience to this livery’s… amazing work :smiley:

Letting people know that the forum is dead doesn’t help at all.
Keep on sharing and humans will actually see it :slight_smile:
share/-and we will care!