Usdc: street legal series

For rules and the rest of regs and info go to the main usdc post

Rules. And regs:

Street weight reduction only

600hp max

Car must be street legal

No subarus or audis

Car must have sport transmission or lower

Street tires or lower

S class 610 or lower

255 rear max tire width

Car must be a minimum of 2000 pounds

Car. Must be front engined rwd


World champ: ln jack
Interim champ: gingrbreaddrift
#1 yoshi3lt
#2 sidewayslaunch
#3: l2n pro
#4 foreverr bacon
#5 trn shado


Other info:


Our first event is weekend Friday and or Saturday while doing normal usdc simultaneously

Im signing up for this.
I will be using an S class is300 which i used for usdc but with slightly lower PI to mach the rules of this one

Sign up info
Class: S (609)
Car: Lexus IS300
HP: 592

rx-7 spirit r