URGENT: Qualified well with top 400 in NA but appear nowhere in GFinity

What do I do? I should have been added to the NA races but after searching through all the drivers I could not find myself in there. How can this be fixed? It will prevent me from participating tomorrow if it is not corrected.

Nobody here can help you.

Go here instead: forzarc@gfinity.net

There are only 12 lobbies they’ve populated so far, just give it time until all 20 are filled. If your name still isn’t there after all said and done, then panic :stuck_out_tongue:

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All have been populated and I am not in any. :frowning:

No idea why considering I did qualify…

You’ve signed into gfinity and properly linked your xbox GT in the “edit profile” page I assume? I regularly “refresh gametag” while there also, after you do that, you will get a large green banner towards the top of the page saying “Your Xbox Live account has been linked successfully.” You didn’t do anything like qualify on your PC did you? Because cross-platform play is disabled for this series. Hope you get it sorted out!

Yep, I’ve been registered in GFinity for quite a long time now.I even made sure this past weeks to refresh the Gamertag in their website.

Well, seems I won’t be competing since it has been complete radio silence from GFINITY. :frowning:

Boo! At least you’re fast enough to regain lost points.

Yep. It is going to be a bit harder to qualify, but I probably still have a good shot at making it to Seattle. If not, Mexico City it will be! xD

Also, RB reached out to me and let me know that the system registered me as placing my lap in the PC. I guess to make sure that it is not registered as me being in the PC again, I won’t open up FM7 in my desktop while there is a qualifying rivals event going on. Thank you Brian and Evan for your help! :slight_smile:

Now that is crazy. So avoid PC if you’re doing this is the best advice.

I know I won’t be making races some weekends due to real life obligations. I don’t anticipate making it to anywhere. I’ve had to readjust expectations to just doing what I can when able and let the points fall wherever they may. It’s a really fun event so I can’t resist!