Upgrade signs

Does anyone know if the upgrade signs will be back. This is one thing that took me ages to find all the signs and was a good way for us to explore the whole map

I didn’t see any of the Upgrade signs in any of the promotional material but that doesn’t seem like the kind of feature that would usually get talked about. We probably won’t know until the game releases or there’s more hands-on video. Although it would definitely be nice. That’s the kind of feature that makes building a garage that much more exciting. Although the concept of ‘earning’ it through credits gets kinda muddled.

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I still have not found them all (

I’m sure someone has made a you tube video showing all the locations. I hope they are back it was fun finding them and the discount car upgrade was cool

You can find a map online showing the locations of the signs. Just match it up with your in-game map (sorry for double post, my posts are still under moderation)

Hey, i was just wondering if anyone could let me know if discount signs will still be in Horizon 2 like they were in the original, it was pretty sweet to be able to fully upgrade any car for free and id like to be able to do that again in FH2.

See the Achievement List (“Smash Happy”) and the Perks List (“Discount Parts”)


Reward boards… interesting name. I guess you just get stuff for it now. Thats a shame, I loved free upgrade parts, I toyed around with engine swaps and all manner of things, now that will cost quite a bit.