Unexpected rant on NFSW2005

Really, who in their right mind would think that this game has the best visual customization of any racing game? I do like the ricey style, however the majority of visual parts in it is horrible. Same thing goes for NFSU, and NFSU2. NFSC is less worse. At least NFSMW, and NFSC doesn’t force you to put those hideous parts in order to progress.

It is pretty good. For people who played the game in 2005, the customization was amazing. It’s because the game is 10 years old, outdated for a lot of you. Technology has advanced A LOT, so we all think it’s terrible. But for the standards of 2005, incredible. Any ways, do you appreciate the game?

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I’m only bashing on the ugliness of visual parts, especially the spoilers. There are enough aftermarket parts that look decent to be happy with (NFSU2’s wolfpack bodykit and lex 42 spoilers, hoods, roof scoops, rims, elan headlight, most of rear tail light, the majority of the mantis wbks, vinyls…) I have played those games, and I’m still playing NFSU2 and NFSC since the customization is pretty depth. In NFSU2, I’m using a SUV to put all those visual parts. The only part I’m bashing is the ugliness of most visual parts.

For the time I liked it, but I thought that NFSU2 was the better for customization just by the number of random things you could put on. I enjoyed putting the LVL 3 Hydraulics on a Hummer with my 24 inch spinners, but games have progressed so much over time.

The only reason I would change the visual parts of the car is for taking the Heat off :wink:

Haha yeah, and it’s not like you need to fully change the look of your car to have a noticeable drop. XD Other than the weird look of many assets, there’s nothing much to complain about it. Bull’s SLR is pretty classy for a boss car, and Kenji’s RX-7 looks great too. :smiley:

I know. Challenge Series lowers your Heat also! I changed the colour of the car, putted a different bumper (was similar or almost!) and I putted flames on the side… Heat 6 to 1.

Someone wants me to make a review and fun stuff about the game? Quote and I’ll do it.

You also have to remember that as far as car culture was, the time was different. That generation of NFS was created to ride on the coat-tails of the earlier Fast and Furious movies. That was the main influence of the time and aside from Toretto’s Charger every car in that movie was what today might be considered rice. There was no Liberty Walk or Rocket Bunny, wide-bodies were nowhere near as popular and the ones that did exist looked more like a wider version of the same rice that the skinnier cars had. Those were different times, I remember drooling over Vic’s Supra in NFSMW but now I don’t know. One thing I will say though was this; NFSC wowed me with the fact that they including quite a few muscle cars. I still wish Forza would get the '70 'Cuda, it looks much better.

I just use small additions for certain cars to make them slightly different. Or I just use the black list racer’s cars all the time and leave them as is. I don’t find a point in changing it to lower my heat since the cop AI in that game was WAY too easy. Only way they bust me is if the game glitches or they get super lucky.

I’ll give my review.

In the world of gaming, thousands of games exist. Of course, some of them are better than others, and I’ll say that Need for Speed Most Wanted is in the bests. Unfortunately, Criterion Studios is in a huge decline, and I don’t know how much time can this decline last. If it ever leaves us, it will leave one the greatest racing games of all time.

Need for Speed Most Wanted was, for a 2005 game, epic. The selection of the cars is not bad, although we could appreciate a little more variety of cars. Same brand, same models, variety is not bad. The world is great, and being chased by the police is epic, especially at the end where you get to a Heat 7! It is epic! I would’ve wanted to be able to drive and jump over the bridge.

The game is great, even after 9 years. I can still enjoy playing it. For the good points, let’s say cool races, cool burnouts, epic races… and Police Chases. Never got enough of those. The new Need for Speeds seem to have lost that notion. It’s not like having 1 or 2 cops after you, it’s having 10 cops! No Police system IS comparable to Need for Speed Most Wanted’s Police system. Forza Horizon never got one, Test Drive Unlimited 2’s one is bugging/glitching/horrible (go to a roundabout and they are like magnet to stop in the middle of the road), meanwhile Driver’s one is not so great. Also, beating the game is not very hard. And if you don’t like the look of one customization part, know that there are a few hundreds parts for every car. They take your heat off.

No game is perfect, let’s talk about the bad points now. Like I said before, we are clearly missing cars (there’s less than Midnight Club), the customization, even if cool, is not very nice or beautiful, and the music is repetitive. I still have to say, those songs got stuck in my head for a week. You might see that if you play the song “Blinded in Chains” from Avenged Sevenfold, the mood for playing the game comes back and you are totally motivated. In conclusion for that, this game has a lot of musical choice. Good point for that one.

The career mode is relatively short, but participating in Challenge Series should keep you busy for a while. The online servers were gone before I could get the game, but that “could” have kept you busy having fun for a while. Plus, cool privileges on the Challenge Series like driving traffic cars will make you have even more fun.

In conclusion, Most Wanted is a very good game, from A to Z. I’d rather play this game over any other Need for Speeds, from the ones I played. Sadly, Need for Speed did not make any more games as good as that one after, and the new Most Wanted sucks horribly. Exceptionally, I will give a better note than a lot of more modern games, a 9.5. Some points could be ameliorated, but, seriously, is there still someone who plays this game?