Unable to remap buttons on the G920 wheel


just bought a game and trying to play with also brand new g920 wheel. So far it is basically unplayable as I unable to remap buttons on the wheel. It works in some totally unpredicted way and I hope somebody could give me a hint.

I went settings->control settings → wheel tab: by default it shows Layout: Logitech G920.
As soon as I try to change any button (i.e. reverse gear) is asks about overwriting profile. So selecting for example Custom Wheel Profile 5.
I am assigning new button (in my case it is Button 11 (the one with X logo) and then clicking save. It says “Saved”
going back to game from menu - nothing is working - hitting X button do nothing,

tried with various buttons - some of them works some not.

specifically - photo mode button (d-pad down) no matter what is it always working on that d-pad down even if I assign other action to this button.

Please help