Unable to change camera mode

Dear Forza,

Ever since I’ve since been playing Forza Motorsport 6 my camera mode is stuck in 1 mode.
To be specific, it’s stuck in the closely behind the car mode.

This only occurs while playing in the career mode.
I’m unable to change the camera mode via the button on the controller as well as in the main menu.

If I change the camera mode in the main menu to cockpit this is applied but when starting the career the camera mode is automatically changed back to the closely behind the car mode.
Even after the race, checking back in the main menu the settings are changed.

What is going on?

Please help.

Kind regards,

Double checking - if you go to the Mods tab in the pre-race menu, do you have a Dare Mod equipped?


My deepest apologies.

What seems to be my misunderstanding is an active mod witch locks the camera to the rear of the car.

Kind regards,

Don’t feel bad. At least you can spell and formulate complete sentences.