Ultimate edition when can i start playing?

i bought the ultimate edition of forza and it says i can play today but yet when i click on the game and it goes to the store it says it will be available the original release date. Can someone explain this asap. I already downloaded the game and all the dlc’s.

so I ordered the digital ultimate edition because it said I could play it on sept 10, well today is the 10th and I still cannot play it any ideas?

Restart your console.

I’ve restarted my console, and it keeps returning me back to the XBox home page after clicking on the FM6 Logo.

Take a look at this and see if it helps.


Racerfink, have you seen this thread: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm350673_SUPPORT--Issues-launching-FM6-Ultimate-Edition.aspx#post_350673

Let us know if this helps resolve your issue.


I have the full install image. I have done a hard reset twice now and it continues to kick me back to the homepage after showing the image for a few seconds.

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