UK Casual, For Fun, Mature XBONE Community

Greetings, fellow speed freaks and petrol heads,

We’re a small online community of mature racers who enjoy an easy chair and fluffy slippers when racing, it’s about mutually respectful, casual fun for us although we do sprinkle that with an occasional organised group event, just to add a little spice :slight_smile:

Our members have no requirement to race, there’s no ban hammer for not turning up, you don’t need to hold titles nor be of any particular skill!

There’s no blood test, urine test, IQ test or driving test :wink: … a headsets useful, courtesy essential & your free to race whenever you can/like.

To fit into our groove you’ll be 18+ and ideally UK based or in neighbouring EU countries (English speaking).

Please CLICK HERE to join UK Xbox Racer