UI - Bonus Board stats numbers higher than intended - 3873073


  • UI - Bonus board stats are displaying much higher numbers than they’re supposed to.


  • Fixed

A lot of my player stats are broken. I’ll leave a couple of screenshots showcasing the issue.

I also got an accolade for supposedly smashing al bonus boards within Hot Wheels which, as you can see in the pictures, it’s not the case.

Plattform: PC (Windows Store)

Video: Stats Bug - YouTube

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some discussion about what has actually happened

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I had the same thing happen with the floating balloons on the Hot Wheels map. I smashed the first one of the last batch but got the accolade right away, and my stats now show something like “140/20.”

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Screenshot 2023-03-29 200724

What the hell is this?!


Screenshot 2023-03-29 200724
its growing

I dont know how they broke so many things with this DLC, its impressive.
The UI PI display is completely busted as well

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LOL ! Quick ! Quit while you’re… well, not so much ahead but less behind :wink:

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This issue was fixed with the May 23rd, 2023 content update: