Txschmidt's gallery of things 6/8/16

Hello and welcome to my little gallery. I hope you enjoy!

This is how my FM6 photos started.

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Great Photos !! Congrats!

Thank you, D13G00!

This shot is just fantastic, as is the collection of designs you’ve got there TX, nice stuff :smiley:

Thank you very much Snooty!

Hi TX, great start with the collection

Hello farmer and thank you!

Awesome shot Tx! Great paints also!

Thank you Viper! Best Forza to date!

Wonderful start TX, looking forward to more photos

The action in the touring car shots is great

I also love the designs, especially the liberty walk ones, nothing spices up a car more than a LB kit!

I like the layout in shot 7.

Thank you! I’m having so much fun playing that I forget to take photos sometimes. lol

Thank you KTVDS, I love me some Liberty Walk!

Thank you Pebb! Still messing with settings FM6 is so crisp it’s almost like I’m just learning to take photos again. :slight_smile:

I think it will be a challenge for some people compared to moving to FH from FM4. And because of this, I reckon it may have a knock on effect in terms of what shots are selected PMC winners for one key reason. Which of course is high exposure. Because when you take high exposure shots in FH2, then it suits the vibe of such a game at certain times of the day.

While in FM6. It is a different, since certain tracks will only be available in day time. But for others it is a different story.

I agree with you 100%! My best photos in FH2 were right when the sun started to go down, that lighting made it very easy to adjust settings.

Photos from last night with my buddy Kru Jones.

Paint by: PTG Ace Ventura


Bonus photos of the two cars.

BTW - the little blocks that you can see around some of the font is a glitch/bug because it doesn’t show on their paint only in some photos. These paints are great reps and a must!

Awesome composition!

I love the second shot of the Skyline and the last shot, well done Tx!

Thank you guys!

Some photos from last night with my buddies.

I am really liking the first three!