TVR Cerbera 1996-2006

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TVR Cerbera 1996-2006

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funfact: this car’s engine sound was used for this very popular hero car in a certain racing game


What? Do you mean the M3 GTR?

The classic look, pre-facelift, please!


Mark Hales TVR Cerbera GT - British GT Championship Silverstone 1995 - might look very familiar to some from a fictional car that was based off it. :wink: Could be a very nice kit option.


1997 TVR Cerbera Speed 8 4.2
It sounds familiar from that one heroic BMW racecar



Yes, that one

Model: Cerbera 4.5
Year: 1997
Top Speed: 180+ MPH
0-60: 3.9 Seconds (4.3 as tested by Top Gear Magazine)
Power: 420 BHP (as quoted by manufacturer)
Weight: 1050 KG
Class: Retro Sports Cars/ Retro Supercars
Why Should This Car be Added?: TVR is one of the most criminally under represented makes in Forza, and the Cerbera is one of their best, it has performance that can trump a Lambo Diablo or a Ferrari 575 and would be an interesting addition to the roster.

2002 TVR Cerbera 4.5 Red Rose

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